Hilltop Learning Center: About LC Independent Study

Learning Center Independent Study is a voluntary, optional, educational alternative for 11th and 12th grade students who are behind in credits or have a need for an alternative educational environment. Students entering the Learning Center must be motivated and capable of learning in an independent study environment. Placement in the Learning Center begins with a counselor or assistant principal on the main campus. All placements must have administrative approval. Special Education placements must also be approved by the school psychologist and all necessary paper must be signed.

Once a Learning Center application has been received an intake appointment will be made with the student and parent/guardian. At this appointment a time block will be assigned and all Learning Center procedures will be explained.

The does Learning Center does not offer all A-G classes. Some A-G classes will need to be met through concurrent enrollment or adult school. Also, the Learning Center classes may not meet all NCAA requirements. Students who graduate from the Learning Center may need to attend at least one semester of college to qualify for military enlistment.