Grade Concerns/Tutoring

The classroom teacher should always be your primary point of contact at Hilltop High School with regard to your student’s grades.

A student struggling to understand concepts should check with their teachers to see when they offer tutoring. The teacher is the main person who sees the student engaged in the subject matter on a daily basis. Teachers are adept at the areas a student should concentrate on to improve performance in the class.

If you have additional concerns or would like to talk to your Counselor, please make an appointment by calling (619) 476-4220. The Counselors are happy to assist you in reaching your academic and personal goals.

Please see the H.I.L.L. tutoring schedule for weekly tutoring locations and times.

Saturday Scholars: In order to support students who are struggling to demonstrate proficiency, Hilltop High School offers Saturday Scholars. Saturday Scholars is a 4-hour intervention session where your student will be re-taught and re-tested on the same content standards from the assigned core class. Saturday Scholars offers your child additional opportunity to master the curriculum with which he or she previously struggled.

If you need to talk to your counselor, please fill out this form: Counseling Referral Form and return it to the Counseling Center.