SAT/ACT Information

  • Click HERE for information from the HHS Counseling Center’s 2015-2016 Senior Parent Night presentation
  • Click the link below for ACT information:

  • Click on the following link for FREE, personalized, official SAT practice through a partnership of the CollegeBoard and Khan Academy. Practice now for the new, redesigned 2016 SAT.

  • For more SAT and ACT study guide/preparation  follow the directions to set up a SHMOOP account.

Shmoop is a district funded site that provides:

  • A personal Shmoop account for each student
  • Access to practice exams, drill problems, and review guides to test topics
  • Practice problems with immediate feedback, in-depth explanations, and projected scores
  • Hundreds of Learning Guides for Literature, U.S. History, Pre-Algebra, Careers, an Essay Lab, and College 101
  • Test Prep for the SAT, ACT and AP Exams

Read the following directions and then click here to sign up for free!


USERNAME: Students log-in to Shmoop with their SUHSD Email Address or their Student ID# with SUHSD after it (Example: 123456SUHSD).

PASSWORD:  Password is student’s birthdate but this is where it is a little tricky.Drop the last 2 digits of the birth year. (Example: If birthdate is 12-15-1999 that becomes password 121519. If birthdate is 10-10-2000 that becomes password 101020).