About Us


65 years ago, Hilltop High School, home of the Lancers,  opened its doors to the Chula Vista neighborhood, welcoming the student body and marked the beginning of a long reign of academic and athletic excellence.  Hilltop is nestled in the heart of Chula Vista which features well-established neighborhoods, consisting of a mix of single-family homes and apartments.  Hilltop is home to the Foreign Language and Global Studies program (FLAGS), two California Partnership Academies – Hospitality and Tourism and Information Technology. In 2021, Hilltop was designated as a California Distinguished School. Hilltop High is a modified year-round school with classes beginning in mid-July and ending in early June.  Students attend a full schedule of classes every day.


Hilltop High School Mission Statement

Hilltop High School will provide an academic, supportive, and collaborative culture that is safe and inclusive so each student may become an advocate for his or her own success.

Hilltop High School Vision Statement

Hilltop High School is committed to providing each student:

  • An inclusive environment which fosters empathy, physical health and

emotional well-being

  • Rigorous instruction
  • Skills to succeed throughout high school and beyond