Class of 2024

Here are the answers to some FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS:

Updated TUE 5/28/24

Dear Senior Families, please read through ALL questions below as more were added from parents’ questions. Thanks!

Q:  Where is the disabled parking?

A:  Disabled parking is in the solar panel parking lot on I Street.  Cars parking there must have a disabled license plate or placard.  Please be patient with the traffic after the ceremony.  Disabled patrons needing to use the zigzag ramp can inform the attendant and the vehicle will be directed to the softball field.  Once again, please be patient with the traffic.

Q:  Am I allowed to get close to the stage with my camera when my student is about to walk on stage?

A:  Grad Images, professional photography company, will take a close up shot of your student.  Please wait 72 hours before you go on to view your photo of your student receiving the diploma cover.

Q:  When is the moment that parents will record their OWN student?

A:  The 3 seconds that counselors will announce your student’s name is the most important.  Parents will have their phones on and record video.  It is very important to them.  PLEASE DO NOT BRING AIR HORNS SO THAT PARENTS CAN HEAR THEIR STUDENT’S NAME.

Q:  When can I put leis on my student?

A:  It is customary to put leis on celebrants AFTER the ceremony.  Please wait until AFTER the ceremony to give flowers, gifts, leis, etc. 

Q:  Dogs allowed?

A:  No pets are allowed on campus.  Please leave drones at home as well.

Q:  When should I close my umbrella?

A:  Please close your umbrellas at 2:55pm so that all guests can get a view of their student at graduation.  Please do not set up canopies in the stadium.

Q:  Who are the teachers conferring diplomas?

A:  Nasimento, Soldau, Van, Blankenship, Holt, Pyles

Q:  I am not able to bring in my books during the week.  What can I do?

A:  The library was open ONE TIME ONLY on SAT 5/18 from 8am – 12N to receive any books that students needed to turn in.  Seniors now have to turn in books before or afterschool on or before THU May 31.

Q:  Where is my tassel at the beginning of the ceremony?

A:  Your tassel is on your right.  Then at the end of the ceremony, the Senior Class president will ask the graduating class to move their tassel from the right to the left to signify graduation.

Q:  Can we bring portable chargers to Grad Nite?

A:  It was ok to bring portable chargers.  They were checked for being a Vape Pen by Anaheim PD.  Kudos to all the students who went to GradNite.  They were well behaved.

Q:  I used to go to HHS and now go to Palomar HS.  Can I participate in the graduation ceremony?

A:  Palomar HS students can NOT participate in their old schools’ (All SUHSD schools) graduation ceremonies.  Palomar has their own graduation ceremony at that site.

Q: Should I open my cap/gown package and try it on?

A:  Yes, please open your cap/gown package, try it on and practice putting your cap on and moving the tassel from the right to the left.  Iron your gown.

Q:  What time should our family arrive for graduation?

A:  All graduates have to report to the gym at 1:45pm on TUE June 4.  Since all 6 guests have to arrive WITH the graduate, all families should arrive at 1:30pm or earlier.  Please line up on I Street.

Q: My other son is taking a final on TUE 6/4?  Can he reschedule his final to see his brother graduate?

A:  The finals schedule has TUE 6/4 Periods 3, 4 finals ending at 12:56pm.  That is plenty of time for the sibling to make it to standing in line with the other 5 family members at 1:45pm when we start allowing guests to enter the stadium

Q: When was the last Saturday School?

A: SAT MAY 18 was the last SS from 8am to 12N in the solar panel parking lot.

Q: When were community service hours due?

A: All seniors needed to turn in their 15 minimum community service hours to their social science or government teacher BEFORE May 10, 2024.  This is a graduation requirement.  Here are the most recent community service guidelines, updated in November 2023:

Q: When was College and Career Signing Day?

A: College and Career Signing Day was TUE 5/21 during lunch in the quad. This event included all seniors that have plans (military, work, trade, etc.) after high school: 4-year and 2-year colleges, trade school, career and military.  It was important that you filled out the senior survey emailed to you by counselors.

Q: When is the last day of school for seniors?

A: FRI May 31, 2024. The Senior Goodbye Assembly is that day. We will be on the Pro Hour Assembly schedule. Then you will come back ONLY for rehearsal, graduation ceremony, and picking up your diploma.  If you are not graduating, there is no need for you to attend rehearsal.  May 31 is your last day.

Q: Is Scholarship Night on WED 5/29 at 6pm by invitation only?

A: Yes. Counselors will invite only those students and their families who will be recognized.  Seniors invited can wear their cap and gowns.

Q: Do you have any yearbooks left? How much are they?

A: There were a limited number of yearbooks left but now we are sold out! They were $85 cash.

Q: When did AP tests start?

A: AP tests were administered MON May 6 to FRI May 17. You can turn in your AP book now that testing is over. 

Q: When are the Senior Finals?

A: Senior finals are in their classes on a regular day on TUE May 28 and WED May 29.

Q:  Do I wear my cap/gown at rehearsal (MON June 3 at 12N)?

A:  No, do not wear your cap and gown at rehearsal on MON 6/3..  Wear comfortable clothes, a hat, and sunblock.  You can wear your cap and gown at the Scholarship Awards ceremony WED May 29 at 6pm (invite only), All School Awards Assembly on THU May 30 at 8:30am in the gym (invite only), and graduation on TUE June 4 at 3pm (meet in the gym at 1:45pm).

Q:  I bought my senior package in July 2023.  Did I still need to pay for a Senior Picnic ticket?

A:  The Senior Picnic ticket was included in the senior package.  The senior picnic was on MON 5/20/24 during lunch and 5th period.  The last day to purchase a ticket for Senior Picnic  was WED 5/15.  Tickets were $35 cash at the ASB.

Q:  I have relatives from out of town.  Can I get extra guests when I arrive?

A:  All graduates only get 6 critical guests when they enter for graduation.

Q:  How do I get the photos that the professional photographer takes on Graduation Day?

A:  After 72 hours, SAT 6/8, go to  You will be able to select the photos taken.

Q:  Can I wear my San Diego Half-Marathon medal to graduation?

A:  No.  No UNAUTHORIZED  Sashes or Leis will be allowed at Graduation to walk onto the field.  Only school/club sponsored sashes, cords, leis will be allowed.  We will be checking at the gym door and before Seniors walk out.  Parents, please hold everything that families buy for AFTER the ceremony.  Students work hard for their Club Sponsored Sashes

Q: When do students get their yearbooks?

A:  Those seniors who purchased a senior picnic ticket AND yearbook, received their yearbooks at the senior picnic on MON 5/20 during lunch and 5th in the gym.  Those seniors who did NOT purchase a senior picnic ticket but DID purchase a yearbook received their yearbooks on TUE 5/21.  There were a limited supply of yearbooks.  We are sold out of yearbooks.  No extra yearbooks were ordered.

Q:  Can I come on to campus on THU 6/5 when I pick up my diploma?

A:  No.  All students who graduated on WED 6/4 can only come into the cafeteria from 9am-11am to pick up their diploma and exit onto the street.

Q:  Where do I meet my students after the ceremony?

A:  At the car.  With Hilltop MS ceremony at 6pm and their families arriving at 5pm, it would be better to leave ASAP and celebrate away from the school.

Q:  When do I get to take photos of my student with their cap and gown?

A:  Students received their caps and gowns starting on 4/16.  Some students have already taken photos in front of their house, their middle school, their elementary school, the beach and the desert.  Please do not stick around after the high school ceremony.

Q:  When was I notified that I was going to fail one of my classes?

A:  Progress report on 4/19/24.  Also Mr. Carpizo reminded you on 4/5/24 to pass all your classes.

Q:  Will my diploma be withheld because I didn’t turn in a sports uniform or equipment?

A:  Yes, your diploma will be withheld on WED 6/5 when you try to pick it up if you still owe books, textbooks, fines, laptops and chargers.

Q:  I’d like to come back for the homecoming football game.  Is there a date?

A:  Yes, all alumni are invited to attend the hoco game on FRI October 11 at 6:30pm.

Q: When do I turn in all my books and laptop?

A: All senior books and laptop and charger must be returned to the library before the end of the day on THU May 30.  You will go with your class on May 30.  Your teachers signed up.  If you still have your 

Q: My last AP test was on May 15.  Can I turn in my AP textbook that day?

A: Yes, please bring your AP textbook to the library now.  If you have any calculators, workbooks or other AP items, please turn them in.

Q:  What if I fail a class?

A:  You might need to re-take that class in Adult School this summer and you will NOT be able to participate in graduation.  It is important that you pass all of your classes NOW.  The last progress report was 4/19/24.  

Q: How do we get into the stadium for graduation?  

A:  You can only enter into the stadium at the I Street entrance (ticket booth gate) past the solar panel parking lots.  Disabled guests can park in the I Street Solar Panel parking lot and go into the school and use the zig-zag ramp to go into the stadium.

Q: When was Spring Break?

A: Spring Break started on MON Mar 18 (2 weeks). Students returned on TUE APR 2, 2024

Q: How long is Memorial Day Weekend?

A: Memorial Day Weekend is 4 days:  May 24, 25, 26 and 27.  Students return on TUE May  28.

Q: When was prom?

A: Prom was SAT April 13 2024 6pm – 9:30pm. Tickets went on sale FRI 3/1

Q: When is graduation?

A: Graduation is TUE June 4, 2024 at 3pm. Graduates check in at 1:45pm in the gym with their gown on their forearm.

Q: Those seniors not going to GradNite on WED 5/22 still needed to come to school?

A: Yes. Seniors NOT going to GradNite still needed to come to school on WED 5/22 and THU 5/23

Q: Where is graduation?

A: Graduation is in our stadium, Robert Dodds Stadium. Parents and siblings can sit on BOTH sides. Entrance is only through the I Street lot.  Guests need to arrive at 1:45pm with the graduate.

Q: How will I know where my student is sitting at graduation so I know where to sit?

A: Grads MUST ATTEND REHEARSAL Monday June 3 at 12N. Check in at the gym. Your student will tell you their seat location and what side is closer to sit (visitor WEST side or home EAST side) AFTER rehearsal is over.

Q: Can we bring food or drink into the stadium for graduation?

A: No. No food or snacks will be allowed.  Water will be sold by the school.   Please do not bring confetti or horns or rattlers or drones.

Q: Is there another ceremony after our 3pm ceremony?

A: Yes. Hilltop Middle will have their  ceremony and their guests will start arriving at 5pm for their 6pm ceremony. Seniors will process out of the stadium directly to the solar panel parking lot and re-connect with their families at 4:15pm. Please leave immediately and celebrate!

Q: Do I need tickets to attend graduation?

A: No. The graduate is the ticket. 3 guests on one arm and 3 on the other. Limited to only 6 guests per graduate. Critical family members only. Babies 2 years of age and younger that can sit on a parents lap do not need a ticket.

Q: What if my student owes fines or textbooks at the library, clear attendance, turn in laptop and laptop charger or senior contract?

A: Now that it is May 2024, students have time to take care of these items.  Students who still owe library fines will not receive their diploma on WED 6/5 from 9-11am until those fines are cleared.

Q: I’m only ordering a cap and gown. Why didn’t I get it yet?

A: All Cap and Gown orders were delivered to the school on APR 16.  If you need one, please see Mr. Carpizo ASAP.

Q: Does the cap and gown package already come with a tassel?

A: Yes. The package already comes with a tassel. You can use the extra tassel for your car or room.

Q: I am ordering an extra jumbo tassel. Is this required? I’m also ordering a keychain.

A: No, it is not required to order a bling or jumbo tassel. The package already comes with a tassel. Any extras that you ordered will be shipped to your house and will increase the price of shipping (hoodie, extra tassel, beanie, senior backpack, senior bottle, etc.)

Q: Can I use my brother’s cap and gown from 2021?

A: Yes! You can use someone else’s cap and gown. You can order a tassel from any vendor. Just make sure you get a 2024 tassel with black, white and green strands. The ASB will also have a limited number of 2024 tassels for $10 cash.

Q: Where did we order and when was the deadline for caps and gowns?

A: by January 15, 2024 was the deadline. The vendor visited Hilltop in October 2023 and the portal to order was opened at that time.  Please see Mr. Carpizo if you did not order one.

Q Can I have the cap and gown shipped to my house instead of the school?

A: Caps and gowns (and the set comes with a 2024 tassel) were shipped to the school. Extras such as jumbo tassels, cups, hoodies, announcements, rings, t-shirts, are shipped to your home. These extras sent to your home will increase the price of shipping.

Q: Do I have to pay extra for the optional white universal sash/custom stole?

A: Yes. It is $25 and was shipped to the school with your name on the package.

Q: I already ordered my cap and gown but I put MY address, not the school’s. Will it get shipped to my house?

A: Any cap and gowns already ordered were sent to the school. Extras such as jumbo tassels, cups, hoodies, announcements, rings, t-shirts, key chains, etc. were shipped to your home.

Q: Will my diploma be in the diploma cover when I walk across the stage on TUE June 4 at 3pm?

A: No. Your diploma cover will be empty when you receive it at graduation. You will need to come in on WED June 5 from 9am -11am ONLY and pick it up in the cafeteria after paying all fines.

Q:  Can graduates wear high heels or stilettos?

A:  No.  Please wear wedges or block heels to ensure safety of walking and preservation of the turf.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.