Shmoop is a district funded site that provides:

  • A personal Shmoop account for each student
  • Access to practice exams, drill problems, and review guides to test topics
  • Practice problems with immediate feedback, in-depth explanations, and projected scores
  • Hundreds of Learning Guides for Literature, U.S. History, Pre-Algebra, Careers, an Essay Lab, and College 101
  • Test Prep for the SAT, ACT and AP Exams

Read the following directions and then click HERE to sign up for free!

You already have an account, so you DO NOT need to create one. You only need to sign-in following these directions:


USERNAME: Students log-in to Shmoop with their SUHSD Email Address or their Student ID# with SUHSD after it (Example: 123456SUHSD).

PASSWORD:  Password is student’s birthdate but this is where it is a little tricky. Drop the last 2 digits of the birth year. (Example: If birthdate is 12-15-1999 that becomes password 121519. If birthdate is 10-10-2000 that becomes password 101020).


TEACHERS: Please click  TEACHER LOG-IN INFORMATION  to create an account or sign in to Shmoop.