Textbook Information

District Textbook Guidelines

Students are issued textbooks at the beginning of the school year or upon enrollment into Hilltop High School. Students are required to return their textbooks to the library at the end of the school year or when a student leaves Hilltop High. Any books that are lost or damaged need to be paid for (cash or money order) before a student leaves school.

Many of the textbooks issued to students are meant to be taken home and used for studying and homework. These books should be taken home and kept in a safe place. Please do not store books in classrooms, or lend them to friends. Take care of your books, write your name on the inside cover, and cover them to protect the binding.

EXCITING NEWS! You can now look up and view what items you have checked out from the library!
You can look up your fees, fines, debts, and overdue books:
  1. Go to https://hth.goalexandria.com/

  2. Click on Login in the upper left screen

    1. Your login is your student ID#, your password is your last name.

  3. Click on the Green “Status” button

    1. If you have a book checked out, click on the circle of arrows next to it to renew if needed.

    2. Click on Items Out – those are library books currently checked out to you

    3. Click on Textbooks Out – those are textbooks currently checked out to you

    4. Click on Charges – those are any charges you currently have and the amount