Career Technical Education


(Former ROP Classes)



The Engineering and Design industry sector provides a strong foundation in engineering and design for students in California.  Students are engaged in an instructional program that integrates academic and technical preparation.  Students also prepare for the vast scope of job opportunities in this field. The demand for engineers in a variety of specializations throughout the State and the nation will remain high. CTE courses at Hilltop High School are: Introduction to Engineering; Principles to Engineering; and Civil Engineering and Architecture.


Information Technology (IT) careers involve the design, development, support, and management of hardware, software, multimedia, and systems integration services.  The IT industry offers a dynamic and entrepreneurial working environment that has had a revolutionary impact on the economy and on society.  CTE courses at Hilltop High School are: Multimedia Productions, Video Production, and Introduction to Computer Science.


The Hospitality and Tourism sector includes California’s fastest-growing industries: travel, recreation, and food-hospitality. Nearly 900,000 jobs are directly supported by the travel industry, making tourism the states’ third largest employer.  The industry is expected to expand by more then 2 percent per year through 2016.  CTE courses at Hilltop High School are:  Hospitality, Travel Destinations, and Sales and Marketing.


In the CTE Sports Medicine classes, students will learn basic anatomy, health, emergency scenario preparedness, as well as injury management, treatment, and prevention. Students will be given the opportunity to become CPR certified and will be provided with interactive, hands-on learning opportunities. These courses are intended to help students gain an understanding of sports medicine related career paths and how they work together in a physically active community.