Promise Neighborhood

Chula Vista Promise Neighborhood

Transforming a Community Through Education

 Our goal: To support children from the minute they are born to college completion and create a community that supports and values education.  We believe education opens up a world of possibilities and is instrumental in breaking the cycle of poverty

Children who live in the Castle Park community often come to school with many stressors that affect their learning. Their families may be struggling financially and emotionally. And because about 67% of Castle Park parents did not graduate from high school, the steps to higher education may be foreign and seem unattainable. Therefore engaging parents and working with the entire family goes hand in hand with providing quality academic support systems.

With CVPromise partners, various programs have been put into place to support children and families at each academic step for success now and beyond.


We are located on Hilltop High’s main campus in RM 907.

To call, please dial 619-476-4200. Our phone number extension is 38907.

Or dial — 619-476-4279.